About Us

First things first, we want you to be happy and excited here because we are.  

GoGoGamer is proud to be a locally-owned, family-run mobile entertainment business based in Utah, serving Utah and Salt Lake County areas.  We understand the frustration of looking for an exciting yet affordable birthday party, corporate event, student reward idea.  We’ve done them all before too: bowling, pizza, bear-building parties, picnics, pencils… But really, there’s a better way to entertain and reward in today’s high-tech world: video games.

We run GoGoGamer for you because we want you to have the best event. We want you to be able to show off to your friends, neighbors, colleagues who will all say, “What’s this you brought to the party? This is awesome! I wish I had this gaming truck at my house, work, family reunion, bronies’ party….” 

GoGoGamer offers a new kind of party experience with video games! It’s a place to be with family and friends, fighting together in a very serious battle, creating worlds, racing tracks, dino ranching… It’s an experience that allows you and your friends, kids, co-workers to be creative, competitive, and reckless in a safe environment. It provides a place where you can forget about the stress and enjoy time together. 

Need to know more about what we offer?  

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Limousine-style interior 

High ceiling | Comfortable cushioned stadium-style seating |Seats up to 26 people 

Comfortable environment 

Climate controlled | Full AC and heating |Year-round comfort | LED lighting 

High Tech 

Self-powered | 6 high-definition 55” screens |Indoor and outdoor gaming stations | Surround sound audio 

Latest Gaming Systems 

PlayStaion 4 | XboxOne | Nintendo Switch | PlayStation VR (for ages 12+) | Games for all ages (see our library) 

Easy Event 

No mess/no stress party experience | Up to 24 players at once | Game Coach runs the show while you relax